Cat 4’s Shake Up Wayne Elliot Circuit

wayne eliot cat 4 payout

Show me da paypah!

The Minuteman Road Club Men’s Cat 4 team, in a display of teamwork that lasted throughout the race, produced outstanding results at the Wayne Elliot Memorial Circuit Race in Merrimac, MA on May 14th, 2011. Early in the 5 lap, 32 mile race over characteristic New England roads (read that as : pot holes, frost heaves and cracks everywhere) Doug Kennedy and Len Engle softened up the field with early breakaways, supported by crafty blocking moves by Chris Pare.

On the final lap, a questionable solo break got away during a neutralization FOR AN AMBULANCE but Doug Kennedy sacrificed himself with a heroic bridging move that bought his team back into the fray. Not long after, Jeremy Cratty initiated a punishing leadout followed by Len Engle, Chris Pare and John Smith. Engle nearly goes down when a rider in front of him veered into this path. He managed to stay upright and finish 6th.

Pare has a heart-stopping moment as he nearly gets involved in Engle’s troubles and finished 4th. John Smith dodged all of this, sprinted for the line in the clear but was nipped at the last moment and got 2nd.

In the Men’s Cat 5’s, John Raguin showed why he’s moving up to the 4’s in his next race by eluding crashes that occurred around him, bridging huge gaps and accelerating to the the line in a pack sprint to finish 5th.

Read about the race in the competitors’ own words here in our forum.

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