Strava Fastest Lap Competition!

strava_rgb_boxed_logotypeWe are proud to announce the Strava Fastest Lap Competition to happen at The Midnight Night Ride of Cyclocross. Here are the competition details:



1. You need to be a member of Strava to participate. Membership is free, so there is no cost to participate (except for your race registration). You can sign up at
2. We are going to ride an “official” lap on race day during the pre-ride. This will be to establish the official course. What makes it official is that we rode it and its ours.
3. We will upload the file to Strava and this will serve at the course against which all times will be measured. We will release the URL of the official site once it is uploaded.
4. You need some kind of GPS device to log your laps during the race. Ideally this will be a Garmin or some such thing. During the race you should record your individual laps. You can do this in various ways, the easiest of which is to hit “Lap” on your device. A lap starts and ends at the finish line. You will upload your file to the event site no later than Friday at 11:59pm.
5. To qualify as an official effort, your file will have to closely match our official lap. How closely? Pretty closely. Since we have not done this before, we are not sure how exact the various laps are going to match. Satellites move and stuff. So we will see how far off laps are and how much that impacts the time you submit. If it seems too far of by our “official estimation”, our team of judges will disqualify it. You can appeal to our appeals judges, but those are the same as the official judges, so odds are you won’t win your appeal.
6. We will then look at all the submitted laps and determine who had the fastest lap by the official race categories.
7. You DO NOT have to finish the race to have the fastest lap. So if you want to just hammer one lap and collapse (after hitting your Lap button), by all means do so.

You will be competing for prizes that run into the tens of dollars range (socks, t-shirts, Strava memberships, etc.). We haven’t received our Strava goodies yet so we don’t know what will be in there. We will distribute prizes at another time. If you registered for The Midnight Ride of CX we know where you live and we will find you.

But most of all you will have bragging rights! And maybe we’ll put your mug on our webpage as a WINNER.