ISO rad bmx kids

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ISO rad bmx kids

Post by RobC » Thu Jun 13, 2019 12:44 pm

This is a notice from Wakefield town rec about the filming of Adam Sandlers new movie. If you know of any kids with BMX skills, this could be awesome:


Hi Everyone.

An exciting opportunity has presented itself and I want to share it with everyone. A well known Casting Director has reached out to me looking for some kids who might want to be in Adam Sandler's new film. See the info below:

For Adam Sandler's new film, "Hubie Halloween", we need
EXCELLENT BMX riders, who look to be ages 9 - 13 - to look 5th grade.

Each rider will earn $184.00 per day. They will work 4-6 days
in the greater Boston area. Their first day of filming is July 8th. All scenes with our BMX-ers will be with Adam Sandler!

Thursday, June 20th, at 4pm, we will be holding BMX riding auditions at our production office in Peabody. THE AUDITIONS WILL BE BY INVITATION ONLY ONCE WE RECEIVE YOU PHOTO/CONTACT INFO.
We will then send you the office address.

The Stunt Co-ordinator will select 5-8 riders to be in the film.

PLEASE EMAIL ASAP: your photo (where we can see your face), a photo of you with your bike (if you have one), your age, and any video you may have of you riding (not necessary). You must send your parents' or guardians' names, emails and phone #s.

Email this info to:

Hope to see you in our movie!

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