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** LLF Parking Notice **

Posted: Thu Apr 28, 2016 2:14 pm
by Mkidd3
MPORTANT: LLF Parking Update. Please remember to park at Estabrook School for the Thursday night rides. In fact, even if you aren't joining the organized Thursday night rides, please park at Estabrook School on Thursday nights - that is A-OK.
What we can't have happening, is parking overflowing out of the powerlines parking lot. DO NOT park on the grass opposite the lot or down the street. If the powerlines lot is full, you need to park elsewhere. This is still an active source of tension with the neighbors and we all need to help mitigate that.
On weekends, Estabrook School parking is open for use anytime - that should be the default parking location if you ride LLF on Saturday or Sunday.
The Town of Lexington has been monitoring this and checking in with me about this issue, so we need to keep working on it! Thank you for helping out with this!

-- Adam Glick, Greater Boston NEMBA President