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Volunteers needed at Fruitlands Cup CX race 10/26

Posted: Thu Oct 17, 2019 12:38 pm
by jraguin
This is from Mike Harris who is a good friend, part of the Bikeway Source team, and is putting on the Fruitlands Cup. Fruitlands is in Harvard, MA so close. Please help (& race) if you can!

Hi All,
Two weeks from tomorrow we are putting on the Fruitlands Cup. The club is teamed up with Gary David and me again to put on this MA State Championship race. This year we are heading back to the stone steps and will have the CXEnduro Run (aka the stake graveyard) as well. With luck we won't have last year's Nor'easter (that is BossCross's problem this year). Please come out to race and PLEASE consider volunteering. Without volunteer staffing bicycle racing is uneconomic. We need you. Lot's of fun Halloween activities at the museum that day, so bring the family.