2019 Gravel Events

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2019 Gravel Events

Post by dantelman » Fri Jan 04, 2019 5:52 pm

For anyone interested, I compiled a spreadsheet of *most* of the 2019 New England Gravel events (as of now). The spreadsheet lists the event basics, (I.e. date, distance, vertical, entry fee etc). Many of these are already on bikereg, though some not open yet for registration. Let me know if you have any issues viewing the list, I made the document public.

In my notes below I will list some of the ones I've done personally and can recommend:

Hell of Hunterdon (NJ) now one of the earliest early season road/gravel events, last year was led by Floyd Landis. Because this one is in late March, the weather can be anything. Last year it was in the high 20s with a cold North wind all day.

Massochista (Dirty Hurty) - only in its 2nd year, it is 2 weeks before Rasputitsa and could provide some good solid training miles this Spring

Rasputitsa- The most fun you will have in 40 miles. Good party/music expo on Friday night, challenging course with gravel mud and snow. Various hand-ups including Maple syrup, fireballs, etc. Great food at the end. And beer.

Cranko de Mayo- this is relatively new, put on by the Mad River Riders, and run in conjunction with Lawsons Finest Liquids.

Greasy Joe's: Those of us that did it in 2018 could not wait to go back. To start with it's only $30, and it's got a bit of everything. Road, trail, class 4, class 6, single track. There is a rest stop, but you gotta provide your own food, beer and swag at the finish

Battenkill- used to be a race, now a Fondo, but still feels like a race. 75 miles of relentless rollers, some steep climbs, great scenery. There is unlimited beer at the end for those that can still stand. You can do this one on your road bike with 25-28c tires. Really.

RAID Rockingham- If you've never ridden New Hampshire "gravel" here is your chance. Do not bring your road bike for this one, NH gravel has rocks bigger than MA gravel . The grilled Peanut Butter and Bacon sandwiches alone are reason to ride RAID. Good food, Beer and live music at the end.

VT Gran Fondo- If ever there was a ride that will break you, this might be it. The full distance is 4 gaps, a fair amount of dirt and gravel, over 100 miles and 9000 ft vertical. Lincoln Gap alone is enough to make people get off and walk. It is the steepest paved road in the east, with one mile averaging over 20% and sections of 25%.

Jam Fund Gran Fundo- one of the best events of the year, as you can see many of your CX friends before CX season starts. Lots of Pro riders including JPows himself, Hyde, Anthony Clark etc. Great food and beer and the end, all all proceeds go to the Jam Fund.

D2R2-The 180k is likely the only ride on this list that is harder than the VTGF 4 -gap. Because the D2R2 180k is over 13,000 ft of climbing and you can expect to be on your bike for 9+ hours. However for us mere mortals, they do offer a 100, 115 and 160k edition. Beautiful scenery, good food and beer at the finish. One rider I know claims to have hit his highest speed ever on a CX bike on D2R2. The gravel downhills are wicked.
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