MRC WNR - 2019

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MRC WNR - 2019

Post by KTeves » Fri Mar 29, 2019 2:59 pm

  • start time: 5:30 PM
  • start location : 110 Grill parking lot, Highland Commons shopping plaza, Berlin, MA
  • route:
  • neutral roll-out until Rt. 495 overpass on South Bolton Road
  • safety first! — all rules of the road must be obeyed
Start time, start location, and route are as noted above each week unless specified otherwise — check this forum each week!
-- Have the route loaded on your cycling computer or know the roads well enough to make their own way back to the start! --

Two groups based upon ‘bad-assness’:
  • ‘A’ group should expect to maintain a ~34+ Km/h (21+ mph) for the course
  • ‘B’ group ~30+ Km/h (19+ mph) avg. speed for the course
  • ‘A’ and ‘B’ groups will be riding the same course
  • ‘A’ group rolls @ 5:30 PM
  • ‘B’ group rolls @ 5:32 PM
  • depending upon turnout there may be one combined group, or the 'B' group may be split into two groups (no groups larger than ~12) with the 2nd ‘B’ group rolling 3 minutes after the first
‘A’ Group
The ‘A’ group is a race-simulation, take-no-prisoners assault. Expect attacks at any time at any place. Anyone dropped from from the group will—most likely— be swept-up by the ‘B’ group.

‘B’ Group
Although a 'no-drop' ride this is a hard training ride with a fast pace line on the flatter sections and aggressive assaults on the hills. There will regroups atop the hills (but remember the stated 30+ Km/h expectation!). There will be designated sweeper at the back of (the last) ‘B’ group.