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Post by djming » Mon Jun 10, 2019 11:20 am

Masters 50+ with John Ehrlinger, Ron Hagen and Mike Keohane.

Short report - it was hard and guys came out swinging right from the gun. My intent was to create a break/get in one. Didn't want a final large bunch finish on Lackey. Fail, but not for lack of trying.
Right from the end of neutral attacks started, and by the first right onto Uxbridge Rd things were already well strung out so I put in an extra dig at the start of Mendon to have a clear line down the descent. Ron Jacobs (Wheelworks) was off the front, so was a CVC guy, so was JDZ, so was Bill Thompson (CCC/Keltic) with a couple others (all in the first 2 laps). Lap 2 on the step climb I was in a 7 man group that had a good gap but Bill Yabroudy who had missed worked with others to pull us back. Then Yabroudy attacked base of Lackey #3. I matched it, so did a few others and off the climb and onto Central Tpk I was out with Yabroudy, Tom Biederer (Keltic), Tom Francis, a guy from Maine (BusyTown Bikes) and Sam Morse. But, CVC had missed this so they brought it back with help from Jay Trojan. Then coming off Lackey #4 another dangerous group gets clear, including Yabroudy, Trojan and BusyTown guy. This one I missed, but so did Wheelworks and Corner Cycle so while it took us until Barnett, we brought them back.
Multiple times I fended off cramps. Final time up Lackey once we hit the picket fence (the short "less flat" section) I just didn't have the surge needed to at least jump up to the top 4-7 so just rolled in for 11th.

I was beat and covered in salt. Definitely one of the harder 50+ road races I've done. File says I was 93% NP for 2.5hrs, with a grand total of 40min in Z1. There was precious little recovery going on.
Dave Mingori

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