Nutmeg Crit - 2019

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Nutmeg Crit - 2019

Post by jraguin » Sun Jun 09, 2019 7:51 pm

Family cancelled Purgatory on me and I wanted to race so I went down to Nutmeg near Hartford.

All I have to say: Don't: Listen to the race officials at the start. Do: Read the lap cards!

Official: "55 minute race, we will try to get you as close to 55 minutes as possible." and "We will have a few primes during the race."
Me: "OK, not going to go for the primes. Going to focus on a good result. Stay near the front, and especially with 4-5 laps to go, get right on the front."

Time passes...

Me: "Wow, I can't hear the announcer at all and there are so many bells ringing at the finish line. I have no idea what is a prime lap or not. Whatever, I am not going for it anyway."

Time passes... plenty of attacks ... nothing sticking ... staying in the top 15...

Time passes...About 43 minutes in...

Me: "Wow, the pace has really picked up. Must be a prime lap. Still 12 minutes or so left. Starting to drift back, better work this next lap to move up."

1/2 a lap later...

Me: "Why are a lot of people sprinting?"

Oh, that was the finish. I never looked at the lap cards the whole race.

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