4/3/2018 Directeur’s Chair

We’re back for 2018 with a whole new look and new leadership for our club and race team. Jeremy Cratty who was our previous race team directeur has stepped it up a notch and is now our club president, congrats Jeremy! Now that Jeremy is navigating the ever changing political scene we had an opening as Race Team Directeur and one of our top racers has decided to give back to the club a little by playing team boss. Congrats and welcome to our new Directeur Sportif, Thomas Coleman! To kick things off we’re going to try a new segment called “Tuesdays with Tom” were we try to have a regular chat with DS Tome Coleman.

MRC: Hi Tom, welcome and congrats on the new role.

Tom Coleman: Thanks.

MRC: I see you’re a man of few words…

Tom Coleman

New MRC Directeur Sportif, Tom Coleman

TC: …

MRC: Being the new DS of MRC, you have some big shoes to fill. What are you bringing to the table now that Mr. Cratty has moved up a rung on the MRC hierarchy?

TC: Jeremy Cratty came to me and said “Hey, you’d be good at this!” And I thought what the heck, I’ll give it a shot! What do I got to do……lol. Honestly it’s a bigger job than I once thought, we have a very large and impressive group of racers that span all categories. That’s why I’ve really like having the team captains! I can work with them to do all the dirty work! But seriously I’m happy to be giving back to the club.

MRC: Tell me a little about your cycling background.

TC: My cycling background actually started in BMX and MTB. I was trying out some mountain bike racing and needed more legs under me, road riding is a great way to find them. But then I got sucked into the never ending vortex of Road Racing. (And there’s a hundred stories in between all that).

MRC: HA! We’ll save those for next time… I know your a busy guy, so I’ll keep this short. Any closing thoughts for the folks on the interwebs?

TC: In this early 2018 season I’m excited to see all these cat 4s and 3s coming out hard and getting results. But that may be a bit selfish because I’m hopeful that this guys will eventually upgrade to Cat 2’s and give me a team to work with in races. Personally I’m also excited to work on my own Cat 1 upgrade this year. Last year was a good year for me to learn the ropes of the P/1/2’s and this year I’m ready to apply it.

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