Chris Pare Tops Podium In Mens 3/4 2013 Witches Cup

The Minuteman Road Club’s president, Chris Pare, demonstrated a different set of leadership skills by winning the Men’s 3/4 race at the Witches Cup this past Wednesday, August 6th in Salem, MA.


The first part of the race was largely uneventful with typical surges followed by unexplained slowing. But things started to coalesce and, with 7 laps to go, a small break was up the road and need to be dealt with. At 4 laps to go, MRC’s Jeremy Cratty steps up and started chasing down the break.

With 2 to go, Pare was well placed in the top 10, on the wheel of team mate Jacob Lipcon (whose warm up to the race was a very late arrival and subsequent mad rush to the start line). As the “old guard” at the front of the race started to falter and slow, Lipcon surged forward and kept the pace high for the next lap.

On the final lap, Pare allows himself to fall back to 5th wheel to prepare for the final push, then he reacts to Mike Wissell’s (B2C2/Boloco) attack on the 2nd-to-last turn and passes Ken Thoman (Ride Studio Café). A slight pause from Wissell and Thoman allows Pare to take a chance with 250m and one turn to go: HE DRILLS IT!

The effort nearly sent him into the curb on the exit of the final turn, but he held it together. He hardly had time to think when he realized that Mat Doremus (Grinta/Erba) was coming out of his draft and was starting to come around. Chris burned his remaining matches and, with the help of a bike throw, came across the line first.

Congratulations on the win, Chris! (read Chris’ and Jacob’s race reports in our forum)

2013 witches cup finish camera

Bike throw, FTW!

2013 witches cup podium 750px

Mens 3/4 Witches Cup Podium L-to-R: Preston Buehrer (3rd), Chris Pare (1st), Matt Doremus (2nd)

2013 witches cup pare trophy

Way to go Chris!

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