Doug Kennedy Grabs a Cat 4 Podium at 2013 Blue Hills Classic

Using cagey race tactics to recover from chasing an early break by eventual winner Sean Pelletier (Team Stampede), Minuteman Road Club’s Doug Kennedy gains his second podium of the season in the Mens Cat 4 race at the Blue Hills Classic held in Milton, MA on May 5th, 2013.

Busick putting the hurt on the Cat 4 field on the way up Unquity.

Busick putting the hurt on the Cat 4 field on the final lap on way up Unquity.


Pelletier attacked at the end of the first lap and was chased by Kennedy and one other rider but when it quickly became apparent that Sean was gone for good, Doug settled into the peloton to regroup and recover. Nothing much happened until the last lap (as is often the case) when team mate Chris Busick drilled it on the steepest part of the climb towards the finish.

Busick’s effort did a good job of thinning the pack enough for Kennedy to find himself in 4th place as Unquity eased into the false flat to the finish. A handy wheel came speeding by him at just the right time and he latched on for the 100 meters through the false flat and then unleashed his spring for the last 200 meters to finish in second place.


Doug Kennedy outpacing the field to finish 2nd in the Mens Cat 4 at Blue Hills.


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