Battenkill Podiums For Two MRC Members!

Doug Kennedy Men's 40+/4's finish line Battenkill 2013

Doug Kennedy finishes first in the Men’s 40+/4’s 2013 Tour of Battenkill

A solid contingent of Minuteman Road Club racers was able to produce not just one but TWO podium finishes in the 2013 Tour of Battenkill on a chilly April 13 in Cambridge, NY.

The Mens 40+ Cat 4 field started off with an early crash, which Doug Kennedy deftly avoided (no doubt calling upon his CX skill set) then settled into a frustratingly sleepy pace for the next 40 or so miles. Nevertheless, the continual grind of climb after climb did manage to have riders being shed from the main field along the way.

Doug Kennedy Battenkill 2013 Men's 40+/4

Doug Kennedy Battenkill 2013 Men’s 40+/4


With support from teammates Stefan Wawersik and Bill Turner, Doug Kennedy overcame leg cramping on Meetinghouse Road and was at the front of the race with three others as they crested Stage Road and headed towards the finish. Doug seemingly called upon his experience as a Marine as he “encouraged” his small lead group into working together and was able to keep the four of them ahead of the rest of the field.

Attacking from 3rd as they approached the last turn, Doug passed the others and held onto his lead for a first place finish!

Doug Kennedy 1st Podium 2013 Battenkill

Doug Kennedy 1st Podium 2013 Battenkill


The Men’s 3A field featured a six man Minuteman Road Club squad that first had to endure a 5 minute race neutralization (due to a crash in an earlier field) and club president, Chris Paré had to “summon my inner Stybar” to avoid going down on top of someone who crashed in front of him. Like the 40+/4’s race, it was attack the hills, soft pedal the flats for most of the way until, again, things got interesting at Stage Road.

Minuteman Road Club 2013 Battenkill team

L>R: John Raguin, John Smith, Chris Pare, Jeremy Cratty, PJ McQuade, Richard Batten – 2013 Tour of Battenkill

Chris Pare 2013 Battenkill Cat3A finish line

Chris Pare sprinting for 3rd in the Men’s Cat 3A 2013 Tour of Battenkill


Attacks continued on the backside of Stage Road, winnowing down the lead group to 30 and moving along at 30+ mph as they made the last turn. Once again, Chris dodged a rider who got a little sideways in the final sprint and was able to drill his way past and finish in 3rd place.

pare 2013 battenkill finish

Chris Paré finishing 3rd in the Men’s 3A 2013 Tour of Battenkill

Chris Pare 3rd Podium Battenkill Cat 3A

Chris Pare 3rd Podium Battenkill Cat 3A


You can read more about the 2013 Tour of the Battenkill in the racers own words in the Minuteman Road Club Race Report forum.

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