MRC Clearwater Revival

Two MRC’ers made the journey south to Florida to engage in the high speed race where being able to use the draft is key to victory: Talladega 500 Clearwater 70.3 World Championships.  With some reports that people did not appear to be paying close attention to the 7 meter rule and a lack of marshals on the course, times were blazing on the bike.  Fastest split of the day was a dazzling a 1:58:57 (28.25 mph). Couldn’t tell you if the owner of said bike split was drafting, but seems that a flourish of Tour de France time trial level speeds over twice the distance might indicate something is amiss.  Fabian Cancellara knocked off the 2009 TdF stage one (hilly) 9.63 mile TT in 19:32 (29.5 mph).    Alberto Contrador won the final 25.2 mile  TT in Annecy in 40:30 (31.2 mph).  28.25 over 56 miles ain’t too bad in comparison.

Our intrepid competitors Crystal Anthony and Kyle Bowers achieved impressive results.

Swim Bike Run Time
Crystal Anthony 35:20 2:12:54 1:28:03 4:21:21
Kyle Bowers 30:51 2:22:26 1:32:36 4:31:58

Crystal’s performance was good for 4th in her age group, only finishing about 1 minute outside of third. Very impressive considering that she spotted her competition 6+ minutes in the swim.  Crystal also has been competing in the women’s elite cyclocross race New England race circuit with Team Minuteman Road Club.  Kyle finished 76th in his age group, just a scant 28 minutes outside of first place.  Kyle has had a long season which included Ironman Lake Placid.

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