Patti and Hans, You are Ironmen!

Tin Man

They got allota heaaaht!

Patti Dalconzo and Hans Thamhain completed the Ironman World Championships on October 10th!  Held in Kailua Kona, Hawaii, the course is the fabled home of Ironman racing.  The weather conditions could be described as nothing less than brutal. With high wind and heat, the race became a survival test for everyone including the Pros.

Patti steadily moved through the field for the Age Group race, finally finishing in 15th position, with only 19 seconds separating 13th – 15th.  She had them in her sites, but ran out of real estate.  Patti’s final splits were:

Swim 1:18:42
Bike 6:22:15
Run 4:08:08
Final 11:56:43 (1112th/15th)

Hans continues to astound an amaze.  Rumors have it that shortly after the race, government agents in black suits and with ear pieces took Hans to a government facility in Area 51 to begin a battery of medical tests.  Hans is clearly from another planet.  Hans finished 11th in his age group.  Only one more year till Hans ages up; then those guys in the 75-79 age group better look out!  His final splits were:

Swim 1:52:56      Bike: 7:24:49      Run: 5:58:25      Final: 15:27:41  (1566th/11th)

Congrats to Pattie and Hans, as well as to the Friends of MRC (FOMRC) who competed.  Go eat some pizza, and a Mai Tai, and chill out (literally getting that core temperature back down).

You can watch the suffer-fest from the comfort of your own trainer on December 19, 2009 from 4:30 to 6:00 pm EST.  Starting figuring out your qualifying strategy for 2010.

2009 Ironman World Championships

It’s that time of year again, where the best of the best go head to head with one another and the storied Ironman WC course.  Clear skies, stiff winds, and high temperatures will challenge the competitors throughout the day, with everyone seeking to reach their personal goals and the 17 hour cut-off.

Pattie Dalconzo (#814) and Hans Thamhain (#230) of the Minuteman Road Club will be there.  You can track their progress at  You can watch the race live at

Ted King to Visit Boston Landry’s Store

Ted King visits Landry’s Boston SPECIAL EVENT: Landry’s Boston store, 7:00–8:30pm. Meet Ted King from the Cervelo Test Team at Landry’s Boston store on Thursday night, October 15:

  • One of bike racing’s rising stars, New England native Ted King will talk about his racing career — including finishing this year’s Giro d’Italia, his experiences on the Cervelo Test Team, and his perspectives on next year’s racing season.
  • Check out Ted King’s bio on Cervelo Test Team’s website. (Ted now races for Cannondale, here’s his webpage)
  • Race announcer Richard Fries will emcee the lively discussion with Ted.
  • Socialize with fellow cycling enthusiasts.
  • Snacks and refreshments will be available during the event, sponsored by our good friends at Harpoon Brewery.
  • RSVP to Mark Vautour at Landry’s Boston store.
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